Saturday, August 9, 2008

Clearance Madness

Close to My Heart promoted a Clearance Sale to begin at 9 am on August 5th. I gathered orders, promising to do the best I could to get the requested items. What a riot! Compare it to the day after Thanksgiving doorbusters but on line. I had all of my orders compiled and ready for the next mornings sale. . . even trading work days so I could be home. Well during the evening we had a line of severe thunderstorms go through. . . so I had no power! UGH! Now I needed to look for a computer to use. Thank goodness, my mom wasn't effected! My neatly compiled list was on the computer as well, so I had to recreate my list. Whew! Well the order entry was tedious, and some of the items that I successfully added to my order were gone before I was able to check out! But all it all I'm not complaining. Enjoying free shipping we cummatively saved over $475! about 70%

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