Monday, September 1, 2008


Well, I copied this design off of someone, and I can't figure out who to credit. . . The only bit of originality was that I used a sponge dauber to make my green background for the saying and the black matt with the brad is slightly different than the origianl.

Can you tell that the bottom piece of sweet leaf card stock is scored? On a similar card I sanded it and that looked great too.

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Inspiration. . . it's a beautiful thing. . . I really don't think I have an original thought in my head. When I start a new stamping project . . . I check out what other people are doing first. Lisa Steig is one of my favorite blogs to go lurking. Here is what she came up with. . . as you can tell, I loved her color combination. . . In this card you'll notice that I was inspired by Lisa's color combination and Kathi's lay out (last link)

Kathi Carlson is my hero. . . and she doesn't even know me!

Here are some more of her "treasure life" art work;
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